How to Reheat Soggy Leftover Pizza

How to Reheat Soggy Leftover Pizza

I'm not sure when or where I started reheating leftover pizza using this stovetop method, but it's one of my favorite kitchen shortcuts of all time. By the way, since I don't remember learning this from anyone, I'll assume I invented it.

So, if you've been actually been doing this for years, and know many others who do the same, please keep it to yourself, and just let me have my moment.

There are so many advantages to using this method. There's no insufferable wait for an oven to preheat (10 minutes in real time is 45 minutes in "I have the munchies" time); you don't waste all that extra energy (you're welcome, Planet Earth); and most important of all, you get perfectly crisp crust. In fact, you'll get a crust that's hotter and crispier than it was when it was first served.

Of course some of you will go to the old toaster oven card, and while that does work just as fast as this method, it does not give you the same quality of crispy crust. Besides, many of us haven't seen a toaster oven since college [insert hilarious dorm room cooking anecdote here].

Not only do I use this method for reheating day-old pizza, but also for crisping up pizza that was just delivered. Because the pie steams in the box, even the best pizzerias, with the fastest delivery systems, can't bring you a pizza with the same texture as one fresh out of their ovens. Now, using this method, you can take care of that yourself. Enjoy!