Concrete Calculator

Here is a calculator to help you determine how much concrete you should order for your job. Most homeowners will be pouring either slabs or footings. For slabs, enter the width and length of the slab in feet and the depth in inches. For footings, the depth and width are in inches and the total number of feet of footing are the numbers to come up with. The concrete calculator gives you a pretty exact number of yards to order, but it only gives as good as it gets. Your layout on the ground should have a consistent depth! Check, double and triple check that the base for your slab has a consistent depth. If the depth varies more than 1/4" you should consider regrading the base so it is flat. The alternative is to use the deepest part of the slab depth as the depth for the calculator. It is better to have too much concrete when pouring the slab than too little.