All orders should be placed with Concrete Dispatch at (907) 488-2388.

Please provide our dispatcher with an accurate delivery address and driving directions. Our goal is to be “On Time” 100% of the time, and we are committed to supplying each pour until its completion. Concrete deliveries are available from 7:00 am to 5:30 pm Monday through Saturday, during summertime.  Winter concrete is schedled on an "as needed" basis.   We welcome "Will Call" orders, but they do need to be confirmed well in advance to ensure an on-time delivery.  A "will call" earlier than 9:00 am will need to be confirmed the previous afternoon by 5:30 pm. Orders after 9:00 am should be confirmed at least 2 hours prior to delivery to ensure an on time arrival. Our typical concrete season runs from early spring through the end of October.